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Two Servings Of Sit And Go With A Side Of SpaceGravy Please!

January 29, 2012

Last night I multi-tabled 2 high limit Sit & Goes, in one of them I had the honor of playing with spacegravy. Not only is he an instructor on Poker Stars but he is also one of the highest profiled and best guys on the planet when it comes to Sit & Goes. So I was very pleased and ready to take my lessons from him. The $200 buy in was definitely worth it because even if I busted out I would still get that spacegravy-experience!

For those of you who don’t know who spacegravy is you can check out his blog here (Click here for spacegravy’s blog)!

In the other game I was 2nd in chips (left hand side) and on a good path to win it, but I was also 2nd in the featured game(right hand side) above and thus in good shape.

Not long after, I won the first of these 2 games (you know, the non-spacegravy game) and found myself battling in the spacegravy game with all those professional online players with super nova and super nova elite status (the type of status that you get when you play for $1 million each month online…yes, those guys!)

After a while spacegravy was all-in with his baby ace against 2 opponents. Needless to say, he busted, since a lonely ace very seldom wins a 3-way all-in battle. I, however, was still 2nd in chips and played a tight/aggressive game, which is the right play at this stage of the tournament.

Not long thereafter, the bubble burst and we were 3 players left and in the money, when I called an all-in move with J-T and managed to make a boat (full house). In doing that I eliminated a very aggressive player and climbed one rank higher in the payout structure. Then it was heads-up which is my favorite part because there I can play my Nash-Equilibrium Strategy and push based on the shorter of the 2 chip stacks.

A few hands later I got dealt a couple of ducks (pocket deuces) and since the other guy had me out-chipped, I moved all-in with the smallest of the pairs. That is statistically a slight favorite against 2 over-cards. The flop brought me a third deuce for an overkill and now my chip stack was 5:1.

Based on Nash, if the small stack is so much smaller than my stack, and the blinds at this level of the tournament are already significant, it is the correct move to shove any 2 cards. Luckily I was dealt a premium hand, which made it even easier to go for the kill! The guy called me with a suited 7-2 and had me beat on the flop, since he spiked a deuce to give him a pair. However, my big chick was suited as well, and the river flushed me to the victory!

It was a nice experience to play those PRO’s and definitely a nice financial reward as well for half an hour of pure fun! The first SNG brought a 2.5 fold for my investment. The spacegravy game brought me a 4.5 fold.


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