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The Story Of My 1st Tourney: The B.C. Poker Championships Oct. 29th – Nov. 9th, 2011

February 5, 2012

Since people keep asking me about my experience I thought I would tell you about my very first big tourney ever. It took place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver, BC. I had been reading, learning and playing online up until this time but I had decided it was now the time to make my first appearance at a real live, brick and mortar tourney and so I headed across the waters from Victoria to Vancouver’s River Rock Casino Resort to make it happen.

 After a $200+$25 buy in I managed to satellite into the main event of the B.C. Poker Championships by winning a ticket for the main event worth $3,000! Talk about excited! My first tourney was actually going to happen!

Me, holding my winning ticket to the main event!

Let The Games Begin!

I was chip leader after day 1 and again on day 2! At the end of day 3 I had slipped into 5th place and in the end I dropped out in 8th place after I achieved the final table!

Chip Leader On Day 2

I was card dead for the whole last day so naturally when I got dealt a big slick (A-K) I decided to ship it. Unfortunately a shorter stack from a guy named Simon from Montreal called me with pocket tens (T-T) and despite the fact that a king came down on the flop there was a ten there too giving him trips and running down my Brokeback Mountain. That unfortunate event left me short stacked and the very next hand I was dealt the exact same hand, big slick again!

Fifth Place On Day 3

There was not much to think about because with a short stack and the 4th best starting hand in poker it would be a big mistake not to push it all-in. This time I again run into a pocket pair (J-J). Needless to say that I got no help from the cards on the board and his fish hooks held up, giving him the rest of my chips.

Me At The Final Table!

This same Indian gentleman, Radjeep, that took all of my chips went on to win the main event. Afterwards he told me that had I not lost my first all-in with my A-K against Simon he would not have called my bet since at that point I would have had a bigger chip stack then he had and he would not have risked his tournament life with his jacks.

So that was a double hit with A-K twice in a row at the final table and even more unfortunate was the fact that both times I was running into a pocket pair. Statistically pocket pairs are only dealt about 15% of the time. Often you’ll get action with a high ace, like A-Q or below, and those hands are greatly dominated by A-K (it’s an 80% favorite), or an all-in is not called at all and I can scoop up the blinds and antes, which at this stage of a tournament are brutally high and represented a big proportion of the shorter stacks at the table.

All in all I was very fortunate to be at the final table for my first big tourney. I am also very happy with the outcome and very appreciative of this great experience!

Click here if you’d like to see more photos of the B.C. Poker Championships! 


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