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Charity: One Drop

February 26, 2014


This month I would like to highlight a charity that I am involved in called One Drop. It is the official charity of the World Series of Poker and a perfect one for me to be involved in.


The goal of One Drop is to raise $1,111,111 dollars to set up projects aimed at providing access to drinking water and water for productive activities through simple and appropriate technology, encouraging the development of income-generating activities by providing access to solidarity finance, and educating and mobilizing people through art and culture.

Some of the countries that will benefit from One Drop are Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, India, and Nicaragua to name a few.

One Drop

The way One Drop works is they ask players like myself to donate 1% of our poker winnings to the cause. If everyone does this we can make a huge difference to so many people. If you would like more information about One Drop CLICK HERE to visit their website for more details.

Here’s a great video that tells you more about the One Drop Campaign:


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