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Charity: McGill University Dances For Cancer Research

December 28, 2013


This month the charity I would like to highlight is McGill University’s Dance For Cancer Research. This is a project from McGill University’s (where my wife, Katie, attended) Cancer Research Centre in Montreal. The Research Center put together a great video to the song “Dynamite” from master DJ Taio Cruz (which is a blast from my past as a DJ in the ’80s).

Here’s what McGill University had to say about the video and their reason for doing it:

“To highlight some of the critical work being done at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre, we gathered some of our top scientists, students, lab techs and dedicated volunteers, who turned on the music – and danced!

Thanks to our proud sponsor, Medicom, a donation will be made for each hit to support advances in cancer research at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre.”

The greatest thing about this video is that thanks to Medicom each view of this video will trigger a donation to McGill’s Cancer Research Centre. As it stands at this writing they have had just under a half a million clicks! My goal is to help spread the word about the video and get the Centre a million clicks!

So let’s spread the word and help the scientists and researchers find a cure to this terrible disease once and for all. Click the link below to be taken to the video on YouTube in order to have your view counted then send this blog or link to everyone you know so we can get even more clicks for cancer research!

McGill Dances for Cancer Research Video

Also, if you would like to make a monetary donation you can CLICK HERE to go to McGill’s donation page. If you would like more information about McGill’s Cancer Research Center CLICK HERE to go to their website.


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