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WPT Korea

December 25, 2013


The only tournament that I played in Jeju, South Korea was the WPT Main Event. I came to this tourney after a very profitable Macao cash game week so I wanted to keep my exposure small. Since I did satellite in to the Main Event for 1/10th of the price, it was a free roll all the way. 🙂

I was in 25th place after the first 2 starting days (75 players approached this day) and just slightly below chip average. Day 1 was a grind and I feel I played my best poker ever here. Not because I won big pots or amassed lots of chips, but because I was card dead ALL DAY and only had 3 playable hands – 2 of which I had to fold after the flop because I didn’t connect and betting was heavy. Still I grew my chip stack from 30k to 46.9k, little by little, chip by chip with no playable hands. I ended the day exhausted to say the least.

Me at the WPT in South Korea!

Me at the WPT in South Korea!

I was out and over on Day 2. I pushed my straight flush draw (was a 55:45) proposition against the aces and didn’t get there. I lost another flip with my Kojak against 10’s for the remaining chips. I had a 45:55 chance to win but lost them both unfortunately.

At least they were both playable hands and it was the right way to play them in that stage of the tourney. However, it simply was not fortunate enough to win at least one of them. As they say: you have to win your flips to make the money in tournaments.

I was all-in twice, with even chances today and lost both of them. It was no big deal however because those you can lose 10 times in a row and still it would be within a normal distribution and expectations.

I had a lot of fun here in Korea. I met Tony Dunst (Bet-Raise-Fold movie; The Raiser’s Edge book; Videos on Leggo Poker and WPT, The Raw Deal host…) here as well.

CLICK HERE to see an interview with Tony Dunst from the WPT Korea tourney.

In other crazy stuff I’ve experienced while being in South Korea check this picture out:

Boeing 747-400 in South Korea

Boeing 747-400 in South Korea

This is nuts! The picture above is the Boeing 747-400 which is the newest and largest model Boeing has. This plane was used for the hopper flight from Jeju to Seoul that I took. It was less than 1 hour from gate to gate and we were not even in the air 30 minutes! That shows you how busy they are here in Korea. It was a full flight with over 400 passengers! And to make it even crazier, they fly this route every half hour with this jumbo jet!!! Unimaginable and really impressive! 🙂

My next poker update will come from the PCA in the Bahamas in January. 🙂 Stay tuned!


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