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My First High Stakes Cash Game Ever!

November 9, 2013


Recently I went to Prague, Czech Republic where I played for the first time in my life in a 25/50 cash game. The minimum buy-in was 40BB and the maximum was unlimited. I decided to buy-in with 200BB.

I lost all of it in a big hand where I had an A-J and an ace flopped. I was out of position but played it maybe too passively. It was a raised pot pre and I checked my top top and the guy checked back. A deuce on the turn fell and I checked again. He fired a pot sized bet. I called.

The river was another small card (not connecting the board and neither straight nor flush possibilities were present). So I checked again and he overbet the pot. It looked really bluffy, but I should know better because when they make it look bluffy they usually have it! And on a dry board and a big turn bet I should have easily found a fold here. Sure, I still have top top but that’s seldom good in a big pot at showdown. On the other hand, I saw this guy showing up on the river with 3rd pair, ace high and nothing at all, where the betting patterns were similar…so it was really tough to say and a tough call to make.

I was worried that he might have a bigger ace. I was not really worried about a set (I don’t know why. It was just a gut feeling). It turned out that he had A-2. I had him crushed pre- and on-flop but then when he hit his kicker on the turn it was the other way around…

Had no chance to end the hand pre-flop, since I opened for a raise and he called, but if I had fired on the flop I might have had a chance to take it down there…although he was calling almost all bets on the flop in previous hands against all opponents, so maybe not.

The good thing is that after this hand I did reload for my 2nd and last bullet, another 200BB and a few hours later I left with 460BB. It was not much of a profit but if you consider that it was my first cash game on those levels then I am quite happy. I was willing to pay some learning money but I could hold my own and grind out even a small profit (which mostly came from this player I lost my first stack to – a rude, unfriendly man – but at the end I stacked him where I showed up in a similar spot like before but with the stone cold nuts and in position… 🙂

So a hell of a nice experience!


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