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High Limit Tourney In Baden

October 5, 2013


I recently played a tourney at the Grand Casino Baden and came in 3rd this time. Three months ago I played this same tourney and won it. If you consider the fact that in between these two big Swiss tourneys that I came deep ITM in Austria and won and came 2nd in Calgary I guess you can say that my play is very consistent to be able to do this over and over again.

All through this tourney I was a humongous chip leader but it was a hell of a roller coaster ride for me as I fell down from 1M chips to 130k only to go back up to over half a million all while at the final table…

The Dutch guy who felted me won and was blessed with good hands throughout the tourney. He again got a monster hand dealt (KK) and, of course, they held heads-up. It was also his birthday so good for him!

CLICK HERE to see all my results from this tourney as well as past ones.

Below are my tweets starting from the end of Day 1 and continuing into Day 2 from the final table:

End Of Day 1:

“Dinner break. 26k. Start was 30k. At one point was up to 45k, then lost my flush vs full house. Autsch. Big pot.”

I did win a nice pot with KK > KK, when the guy folded his cowboys pre-flop to my shove…who folds pocket kings these days…? Pretty unbelievable, since the pot was already after 5 raises massive…

“Quad queens…Sent 2 home in this hand. Massive chip leader with 283k. 🙂 Am peaking to KQ suited, raise, get re-raised from a guy in early position, the one just behind him calls this raise, and I call as well, since pot odds are too lucrative to pass this on, knowing that I might have the worst hand here. Flop: QQQ (!) wau! and the guy in first position goes all-in with his 44, a 60k shove into a 15k pot (what a donkish play). The guy next to act holds AA, and calls his 60k all-in. I lick my chops…I shove 135k and the guy that called with his aces sends his last 20k into the middle (no idea why it took him 8 minutes to decide this…). Sure enough, I flopped them dead and what should have been a 30k pot or so was at the end a 150k windfall profit for me…sweet!”

“Finally the day is over. Was a grind in the last 2 levels. Doubled up a short stack where I was big favorite to win, and then got coolered when I had my opponent crushed and the board run out with a 4 flush and he accidentally held one of this suit making him the flush. Nasty. Lost 100k in those 2 pots. Still I should be in the top 3 or so going into the final day.”

Day 2:

“They say “nothing can stop jurg”… Hopefully that will hold true today as well. Last day, 3 tables left. Only FT (top 10) get paid. Today i don’t have to crawl through sewer pipes in hope to find daylight…:-)”

“Will try. No new table draw, so it continues with the same players as yesterday. I have an agro-kid at my table that ‘blindly’ shoves all his stack in when I open a pot. So have limited options and can only play with a very good hand. That’s bad. I need to be able to win at least once per orbit the blinds and antes, especially at this stage. Yesterday I doubled him up to 100k from his 50k when I took a stand, had a monster pre-flop, A-K, and knew I had him crushed. Sure enough he turns over Q-9, but flops QQ right off the bat and gets 50k from me.”

“306k. Btw: i sent the agro-kid home :-)”

“Took Fabian out and passed the 1M mark.”


“Exactly, ha, ha, and next was Pongratz…”

“The Dutch guy won a big pot against me and crippled another player. Guess he has now more chips than I have. 6 left. Battery low.”

“Down to 4 handed. Am 2nd in chips.”

“Won a good sized pot against Martin. He lost 3 in a row and is now the short stack.”

“Lost massive coin-flip 99<AK. Am the short stack now.”

“Doubled twice in 2 consecutive hands…back to 550k.”

“Busto in 3rd, my AK<QQ, against the same Dutch guy (Martin) that crippled me with his AK>99 earlier, looks like I could not win the big flips today against him to take it down. But hey, no problem, got a 16k Swissie payout and since I was placed in this tourney for free, the ROI is infinitesimal…”

Secured a 3rd place win!!

Secured a 3rd place win!!


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