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Charity: Kenya School Building Update 2

October 2, 2013

Kenya 1

Since writing my last update regarding Change Heroes and its success I have received another update regarding the school that the money we raised will be building in Kenya.

The contact at Change Heroes, Kaylee, emailed to let me know that the money my team raised has been matched to a community in Kenya that is in need of a brand new school.

Kenya 3

The community is called Ngosuani and it is located in the Narok South District of the Maasai Mara Region of Kenya. Ngosuani has a population of about 1,800 people, with 500 school-going children. The literacy rate in the community is 10% for men and 2% for women. With my team’s help and the construction of new schools these rates should begin to increase.

Kenya 2

Funding this school is an incredible achievement and I am really proud of what we have done. By sponsoring this school we are literally changing the lives of hundreds of children.

Kenya 5

Local workers have recently broken ground and started the construction of the school and I am really excited to hear this wonderful news. I will definitely keep you all up to date on any further progress as I receive it.

Kenya 4

To date Change Heroes has raised $600,000, empowered 60,000 children in 9 countries, and have created 60 projects! Their mission has now been expanded to “Educate Every Child On Earth”. I think that’s pretty powerful! Don’t you?

Here is a great new video from the man who started it all, Taylor Conroy, who will explain where the idea came from and how it has expanded since its inception. It’s amazing!

Change Heroes have figured out that 1 in 50 people that watch the above TEDx Talk sign up to build a school and from there 25% of those people start a campaign. Also, the average campaign raises $7500 per campaign!! What that means is that for every 266 people that watch this talk, a school gets built for 1000 children.

In other exciting news, Change Heroes, launched one of the largest philanthropic social experiments ever. They are selecting 100 people to run individual campaigns to collectively raise $1,000,000 to build 100 schools and educate 100,000 children all by the end of October and it is 100% possible. By the way, they have already raised $140,000 because this obviously wants to happen! If you or someone you know wants to be apart of the team CLICK HERE to sign up.

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