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Poker in Linz, Austria: Soo Sick!

September 28, 2013


Recently I played a 500 Euro Main Event on Day Two at the Casino Linz in Linz, Austria. I finished in 7th place after being short stacked much of the tourney but it was definitely one that I had to work for.

Below are my tweets play by play as it happened once I reached the final table.

Sept 21, 2013:

“Funny that the guy just below me makes it with this name (Soo Sick) into the table. That’s B & M poker and not online where you can choose screen names. His real name is Alex Stark…nevertheless, I like his humor…”  CLICK HERE to see the line up at that point including Soo Sick.

“Final Table! Yippee!”

“Pics were taken, so maybe it is updated on the live blog.”

“Soo Sick doubled with his AK against 99 by hitting a 4 flush on board with his diamond king….soooooo sick! 🙂 and pity, otherwise I would have made a pay jump :-(“

“It is sit-and-go mode now.”

“Am loving it…but am ultra short :-(“

“Got KK…Nobody called :-(“

“Juhuu…passed 33 and folded, and 2 guys got it in behind me…One is out (river was a 3, ha ha)…Sure, would have tripled up…but with pure luck…I take the pay-jump instead :-)”

“€2740 is the pay level now. 🙂 Next level after is €3330.”

“Hah…A guy targeted my micro stack of 150k…He went all in with 300k with AQ, in between us sits the Chinese guy who has 900k. He woke up with AK…Kaboooom…I folded happily my Q7…and AQ is on its way home :-)”

“Yuhuu. I guess it will be soon time to play against some monster stacks soon. David against a few Goliaths :-)”

“Yes, I am nursing a micro stack since beginning. Never had more than the 200k I started with but survived 4 players…Amazing!”

“Have less than 100k, blinds are 20k/10k with 3k ante, so it’s going in soon.”


“I saw my pic. It’s in the gallery – payouts”

“Doubled up with 66”

“Thomas Hoffman came quickly over from the other tourney and said ‘hop schwiz’ to me :-)”

“Out with applause (they really applauded how I played)…Touching…My AQ lost against 88. A on flop, the 2 pair for me o the turn, river brought him the magical 8 for a full house. He had 2 outs…But am happy, got it in good, and lost to a suckout. And was nursing a small stack since we were 29 players… :-)”

So all in all a great tourney especially since I was the small stack a majority of the game. I came out in 7th place with Soo Sick just above me in 4th. What fun! CLICK HERE to see the final standings of the tourney.

Still in the game, Casino Linz, Austria

Still in the game, Casino Linz, Austria


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