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An Awesome Finish In Calgary!

August 24, 2013


After my disappointing results in the Deerfoot poker games, I took the prestigious Saturday tourney at the Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary down!! I would also say that I did so in a very dominant manner. There were no bad beats, my good hands held, and I took one after another of the players out. There were over 100 runners and most of them were locals and drop outs from the summer poker series. I entered heads-up play with a 1:3 chip disadvantage but it didn’t take me long to have all the chips. 🙂

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I made a big lay down, A-K, when we were 5-handed and a big stack shoved on me. We both had about the same amount of chips. However ICM play dictated a lay down in this situation, since there were 2 small stacks present and with blinds as high as the two small stack chips in front of them they would not survive another orbit. Sure I was certainly tempted but I did not want to flip with that big stack and give the table the present to run a 50% chance of busting out. Sure, I could dominate his hand if he shoved with a lower ace but even then it’s a risk of 30% which is absolutely not necessary to take especially when the price ladder is steep (as it was).

A 20-fold on my money is sweet and since I had some cash winnings as well from the other day in the other casino it was financially a successful trip. Amazing!

I guess this re-balancing act in terms of luck was overdue but I didn’t think that it would hit me here and now after such a disastrous bounty tourney and main event in the Summer Deepstack Series. The feel to have taken one down is priceless, as always, but it was even more so this time around!


Then the next day in the big finale I took 2nd place in the Sunday Final Tourney! What a cool thing after the win I just talked about above…and what a great payout as well!! You can Click here to see the ranks after the Sunday Final Tourney on Deerfoot Inn & Casino’s Facebook page (note that even after showing them ID they managed to get my name wrong).

My 2nd place win also was updated on the Hendon Mob Site which is really cool so if you would like you can Click here to see my ranking on the Hendon Mob site!


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