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Introducing The Poker Hands Televised Category!

August 17, 2013


Welcome to the Swiss Rock’s Poker Hand Televised category. In this category I will bring up hands that are simply fascinating from an intellectual standpoint. Some hands I might bring up because I feel there is a great poker lesson to learn from the pros or it may be something where I feel there was either outstanding or bad behavior at play and thus some social skills are involved.

Basically this category will cover anything that I feel is worthwhile to spend a few minutes to see, analyze and think about. These are all situations that can and do happen at the poker table.

Often these situations are valuable from a players standpoint especially when you can see the hole cards as well as the thinking processes of the top-notch players. Many times there are also all sorts of human behaviors that can be discovered while the hand is being played since the game often shifts one competitor to his limits which in turn causes them to display their greed and primal fears.

In addition to all that there are unforgettable battles about life changing pots. All of these things combine to make a good poker clip and it shows the reason WHY we are all playing this game and live for these moments.

One of these great televised hands was the hand between Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey back in 2007 in London. Not only is this an interesting hand but I also played almost the exact same hand but with a different ending than what Antonius experienced. You can watch the clip of that hand below and if you would like to read my blog about it CLICK HERE.


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