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UPDATE: Congratulations Catherine!!

April 10, 2013
Catherine tasting success!

Catherine tasting success!

My wife, Katie, and I would like to offer HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine Luke for not only finishing the Zurich Marathon but also for finishing it within the time allotted by the organizers of 5 hours 30 minutes.


She did this not by running the marathon as most do but by Power Walking which made the time allotted a bit of a challenge. However she met this challenge and beat it by finishing in 5 hours 26 minutes 31 seconds!

Crossing the finish line!

Power-walking for charity!

Because of her fantastic accomplishment as well as being true to my word, as promised I will double the amount of money that my wife, Katie, has committed to give to these charities that Catherine picked.


Exhausted but mission accomplished!

Those charities are the following two cancer research organizations – Krebsliga Schweiz (Cancer Research CH) and Cancer Research UK.



Catherine wrote about her experiences and impressions of how this marathon was for her and I would like to share her words with you all:

“Well, I did it! Managed a new personal best that was still 3 and a half hours slower than the winner but what the heck! I am the only person to have power-walked the Zurich Marathon from start to finish and that within the 5 and a half hour time limit. My own time was 5 hours 26 and 31 seconds and considering the cold and the hard route I am delighted.

Impressions: Having previously done a marathon for charity that is not a race, but where we have a minute’s silence for cancer sufferers, everyone walks together and there is a lot of laughter and tears, to now take part in a proper race marathon was strange. The camaraderie is between team mates or supporters but not between the participants themselves. I admit to having a tear in my eye at the beginning…I’m doing a marathon for charity but none of the other runners knows and some won’t even care…

I’m very grateful to a friend who was there the whole time with his camera and managed to follow me using trains!! He was a wonderful support!

Would I do it again? A marathon, yes…but I am not sure about this one; it was really cold and the route is very flat, so the lack of variety in elevation made it tough on the joints.

The total amount of donations made by my work colleagues, family, and friends is CHF 2,078. I am very grateful and humbled by the generosity of my supporters!

-Catherine Luke”

Proud of her accomplishment!

Proud of her accomplishment!

Please click on the links below if you would like to donate to either of these fantastic causes on Catherine’s behalf: “Catherine Luke – Zurich Marathon 2013″.

SWITZERLANDKrebsliga Schweiz (Cancer Research CH)


UKCancer Research UK

Zurich Marathon Medal!

Zurich Marathon Medal!

If you would like to read the original blog about Catherine and her goal of power-walking the Zurich Marathon CLICK HERE!


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