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Charity: Power-Walking The Zurich Marathon For Cancer Research!

April 1, 2013
Swiss/UK flag bra, Moonwalk 2008/2009

Swiss/UK flag bra, Moonwalk 2008/2009

This month I would like to tell you about a charity activity my wife, Katie, and I are supporting. Catherine Luke is going to power-walk the Zurich marathon on April 7th, 2013 in order to raise funds for cancer research. This event begins at 8 a.m. and will have an estimated 3,000 (without Teamrun and 10 km City Run) people participating. The Zurich Marathon also has a reputation for being a very fast marathon.

Why? The reason that Catherine is doing this run is because cancer kills and we are all affected either directly or indirectly by this disease. Catherine lost her brother to a brain tumor 11 years ago. Her brother, Scott, was only 36 years old and Catherine was 35 when he died. He left behind a wife and 2 sons who were only 1 and 7 years old at the time.

Catherine's previous medals from 5 MoonWalks and 2 Race For Life events!

Catherine’s previous medals from 5 MoonWalks and 2 Race For Life events!

Catherine is neither a doctor nor a specialist care giver but she loves active sports and wanting to do her part to help fight this disease in all its forms she decided to jump in and help in another active way. Every year she power walks (speed walking without sticks) a marathon for cancer charities.

For the past 5 years her event of choice was the MoonWalk in Edinburgh, Scotland. The MoonWalk is a full marathon that takes place through out the night and involves around 10,000 women in decorated bras walking together to raise funds for breast cancer charities.

Butterfly costume for MoonWalk event 2010

Butterfly costume for MoonWalk event 2010

This year’s chosen venue is Zurich, Switzerland. Catherine will power-walk all 42 kilometers or 26.2 miles of the Zurich Marathon to raise money for both Cancer Research Switzerland and Cancer Research UK and, to the best of our knowledge, Catherine is the only power-walker in the marathon!

MoonWalk 2012 costume!

MoonWalk 2012 costume – still raring to go after the event at 5:30 in the morning!

Her goal time: The time limit set by the organizers of the Zurich Marathon is 5 hours 30 minutes. Catherine is fairly confident of finishing within the required time of 5 1/2 hours around the 42 kilometer or 26.2 mile course!

MoonWalk 2011 event - taken at 5:30 in the morning!!

MoonWalk 2011 event – taken at the end of the event at 5:30 in the morning!!

The Zurich Marathon is not a charity event but Catherine has chosen to power-walk this one to raise money for 2 charities of choice: Krebsliga Schweiz (Cancer Research CH) and Cancer Research UK. Catherine would be thrilled if you felt generous and donated to either of these fantastic causes on her behalf: “Catherine Luke – Zurich Marathon 2013”.

To make a donation you can click on one or both of the following links:

SWITZERLANDKrebsliga Schweiz (Cancer Research CH)


UKCancer Research UK

You can follow Catherine’s training progress for this event and see pictures of her previous efforts on Facebook by CLICKING HERE! Please remember that the Zurich Marathon takes place in one week and it would be great if donations could be done prior to the 7th of April event so she could see all the support that she has worldwide! (Of course, if donations come in after the event those will still be gratefully accepted too!) 🙂

As an added surprise incentive to Catherine Luke (she doesn’t know about this yet so…..SURPRISE Catherine! 🙂 ) I have decided that if she achieves her goal of finishing the marathon within the set time limit of the organizers, 5 hours and 30 minutes, I will double the amount of money that my wife, Katie, has committed to give to these charities. I think that it will be a great achievement if Catherine can finish within the 5.5 hours because that means power walking at a pace of 7.46 km/hour or 4.76 mph. This is a pace that I do when jogging my 10k runs but to do this in a marathon (26.2 miles) is very difficult. So, Catherine, as you’ve just learned you will get a double down if you can make your goal happen! Good luck to you and here’s to raising a lot of money for a great cause!

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