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Alps Poker Tour 2012 – Part 3

January 12, 2013

Alps Poker Tour 2012

Recently I wrote about my adventures as part of the Alps Poker Tour 2012 (You can read Alps Poker Tour 2012 – Part 1 HERE and Alps Poker Tour 2012 – Part 2 HERE) and now it’s come down to the best 36 players from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria and I am one of them.

I am sure I don’t need to tell you all that it was a tough, tough line up! The tourney took place in the Poker Palace in Dietlikon and was 4 tables, deep stack and slow structure with the top 6 players continuing to the Swiss Championships. The top 3 didn’t have to play because they were qualified directly so in this tourney we were looking for just 6 players to complete the 9 player final table.

We all started with 20k in chips and I was quickly up to 40k after only an hour and a half of playing. After two and a half hours we were already down to the final table. The nine of us battled it out. I lost half my chips in a hand that I had my opponent brutally dominated in when my A-K was up against his A-Q. The flop brought a cruel blow with 10-J-K so I folded to his shove.

Emotions at the table were high as we got closer to the bubble and words were flying between the other players but the Swiss Rock remained cool and rock solid. The bubble was burst when the short stack had K-K which is an auto-shove which, of course, got a mandatory call from the BB who was also the chip leader. The chip leader won when his 10-8 made two pair! Nasty!!

That brought us to our final 6 players and play was halted to be continued as a side event at the Swiss Championships and a main attraction for the Alps Poker Tour Title! We all received the 3.3k Swiss Championship package for our efforts.

Unfortunately I will not be able to continue to play when the final table is played down in the Alps Poker Tour as well as when the Swiss Championship takes place due to previous life engagements but I am thrilled that I got this far.

I am happy to state that my style worked pretty well not only in this tough tourney but also against a softer field in a warm tourney in Baden that I played previous to this. Using this new style the tourney went smooth and relatively stress-free. There were some sticky situations but there always will be. That’s the nature of poker.

But these three rules (CLICK HERE to read my blog regarding these rules) make it pretty easy in the decision making process. They add a mechanical element to the overall chaos and reduce the mistakes one can make. It also makes your opponents perceive you as ultra aggressive (even if you’re not since you only do it in these spots) so they don’t play back at me AND, on the other hand, you get action if you have a monster. So it work really nicely for me.

Now I can proudly state that I am definitely ranked between 1-9 in the German speaking countries for 2012 and that is not because I got lucky in one tourney. It is because only the top 40 players out of the 14 tourneys that counted for the Alps Poker Tour 2012 were able to qualify for the final! I was one of those players and am quite proud of my accomplishments this year.

The Swiss Rock has come a long way this year. I am sure I could take it further at the final table but sometimes there are things that take priority in my life and for that reason I am content with my accomplishments for 2012! It’s been a great year! I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in 2013!

CLICK HERE to read the article about it all. (I’ll warn you it’s in German but Google Translate can help with that 🙂 )


Back left L-R: The Swiss Rock, Markus Erlacher, Roberto Finotti; Front R-L Antimo Cammuso, Walter Blättler, Uzun Bülent


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