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This Holiday Season Give The Most Important Gift Of All!

December 15, 2012

Now that the holiday season is upon us all we are buying gifts for those we love and attending parties. This time of year can be so much fun and a source of so much joy but unfortunately the holiday season is usually the most difficult time for charities, animal sanctuaries, and other organizations that help those in need. Why? Because while everyone is out buying presents and attending parties we aren’t thinking of those types of things…but we all need to.

I wrote a blog back in March of this year about the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary that I founded in 2002 (Click Here to read that blog) and I wanted to remind you all that they still need all of our help this holiday season. Donating to a charity that is in need like this is a great alternative way to give a present to someone. I know that the birdies will really appreciate your generosity and everyone at FEBS will be so grateful as well.

There are many ways you can help the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary get the things they need so that they can continue to help all of the birds that are currently living there as well as help the long waiting list of feathered friends that also need FEBS’ help. You see most birds who find their way to FEBS wind up there for a wide variety of reasons but all need help. Some are rescued from abusive environments. Others have owners that are sick, elderly, or just not able to give the bird the care it needs to thrive.

FEBS prides itself as being a ‘forever home’ for these feathered friends. They don’t breed or adopt these birds out. Once they find their way to the Sanctuary this is their home and they are loved and cared for like family. However all of this costs money to keep going and this is where I ask you to consider making a holiday gift to the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary.

What FEBS Needs:

Food and Nuts: The birds have very particular diets depending on the breed and even though they eat like birds, a lot of birds together eat a lot of food. So FEBS is always in need of this key component of care.


Toys: One of the really important things to keep birds healthy and happy is playtime and they love their toys.


Flight AviariesTaking in more birds means needing more aviaries to house them and prevent overcrowding. FEBS has a long waiting list of birds that need their help which means they need more flight aviaries so the birds can be birds.


Sponsors: Many of the birds at FEBS still do not have sponsors. Sponsors donate a yearly amount towards feeding and housing a bird. This donation really helps FEBS make sure that all the birds get the food, toys, and happy home that they really need.


FEBS ExpansionNot only do they need to feed the birds but they also are currently fundraising to purchase a larger, drier property to move the sanctuary to. So far they have raised just over $25,000 towards their goal of $150,000. (Click here to see FEBS’ progress on their Capital Campaign)


FEBS Wishlist: There are things that the Sanctuary needs that can’t be put into a need little category. There are odds and ends things that are really important to running FEBS. You can see a list of those items on FEBS’ Wishlist by CLICKING HERE.


Cash Donations: FEBS can always use cash donations to take care of those things that can’t be planned for and that’s where cash donations come in.


If you would like to give a holiday gift of any of these things to the birdies then click on any of the donation buttons above or the blue feather below and you will be taken to FEBS’ check out page where you can donate any amount you wish using your credit card via a secure shopping cart. Just fill in the amount you wish to donate and press the ‘Add To Cart’ button. You can donate to just one category or any and all categories. It’s totally up to you.

If you would prefer to donate using PayPal then you can click the PayPal image below and it will take you to the FEBS homepage. There you can click on same image in the right hand sidebar and it will take you through the PayPal checkout process:

You may also mail a good old fashioned check directly to FEBS by sending it to the following address:

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc.
26928 Deacon Loop
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544


Again from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of everyone’s hearts at FEBS we thank you for your donation consideration this holiday season. The birdies thank you too!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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