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Regional Adventures: Berne (Canton), Switzerland

December 1, 2012

Brienz, Canton Bern, Switzerland

The Canton of Berne is the second largest of the 26 Swiss Cantons and is also a place that I’ve lived for years. The capital of the Canton is not surprisingly, Berne. The Canton is bi-lingual with both German and French being the official languages.

Lake Burgaeschisee, Canton of Bern

Tourism is the main source of income in the Canton of Berne as well as agriculture, cheese making, and hydroelectric power generation. Emmentaler cheese is made here and is famously known around the world.

Emmentaler cheese is one of the local contributions to the world.

The area around Lake Biel is known also for it’s wine production and three of the French speaking districts are renown for its watch making.

Interlaken village  in the delta between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

Interlaken is a village in the Canton of Bern that is embedded in the delta between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz thus the name Interlaken which means ‘between two lakes’.

As with most of Switzerland, the Canton of Bern has much to do especially if you love being outdoors. Hiking through the Alps is a popular past time as well as biking, skiing and boating in one of the numerous lakes.

The highest point of the Canton of Bern, the Finsteraarhorn at 4274 m/14,022 feet!

Also in Berne there is the world famous mountain trilogy of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. All are well above 4,000 meters/13,000 feet and they are a paradise for skiing in the winter and hiking and mountain climbing in the summer.

The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau in Berne Canton, Switzerland

The train that takes you up to the Jungfrau Joch station is the highest in Europe as it reaches 11,332 feet. They call it the ‘Top of the World’ and it’s an absolutely fascinating train ride up there.

The train to Jungfrau Joch!

When you get up there you get to see the largest glacier in Switzerland called the Aletsch Gletscher which is the largest glacier in the entire alps!

The Aletsch glacier which is the largest in the Alps!

Also you will find up there a man-made ice palace which is built within the Jungfrau Joch mountain.

The Ice Palace within the Jungfrau Joch!

In addition to the mountain trilogy above we also have the Wetterhorn which is my personal favorite mountain of all time, not because of the height but because of the shape of it.

The Wetterhorn, my personal favorite mountain!

Now on your way to see all these glorious mountains you’ll find yourself in Grindelwald. Grindelwald is a gorgeous little village in the valley before these mountains rise and it is where you will always start your journey on any trip to these mountains. If there is ever a cliche about how a mountain village should look Grindelwald certainly has it all and it makes 90% of it’s living out of the tourism that comes there.

Grindelwald, where all your mountain adventures begin!

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