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The Hidden Truth About Poker

November 21, 2012

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Recently I was chatting back and forth with a friend via email about a tournament I was in at the time and I mentioned that navigating through lots of players is exhausting and requires enormous patience, skill, luck, and endurance. Here is what he had to say about that.

“One of the things I have observed is that luck plays a bigger part of the game than you would think. If everyone knew the odds, and bluffing was not a part of the game, then luck would have a very well defined role. But many people do not know the odds that well, and even if they did, they may not play each hand the best way and often you see bluffing, so that gives luck a bigger chance to influence the odds of winning.

Someone who bluffs or who should have dropped out pre-flop, just might get a lucky card on the turn or river and win the hand. So there is always a chance that the better player will succumb to the inferior player through no fault of his own. That means that even the good players need to rely in part on good luck as part of their defensive strategy.

Perhaps only in the long run will the averages fall in favor of the better player but in an individual competition, one or two episodes of bad luck can end your run. It is good to keep your day job.”

I believe no poker expert could have said that better. Even the self proclaimed “Mad Genius of Poker”, Mike Caro, who has a poker university out there (CLICK HERE TO VIEW CARO’S UNIVERSITY) and a Poker 1 site with tremendously deep poker wisdom as well (CLICK HERE TO VIEW POKER 1), used almost the same exact words as my friend above and he even thinks that in the long run you need to  prove that you are a better player longer than one would think and even in a poker player’s life span one might not get there.

So the key is (and where the money is made) when people play their bottom ranges of their hands against your top ranges and when relatively the difference in skill is the biggest. So in other words, play the weakest players only and play tight with your monster hands against them (which, of course, is very boring).

So knowing all that, I will go out and play the toughest players with my weakest hands (ha, ha) because being a contrarian my whole life I simply don’t have it in my motherboard to look for the weakest games. I need challenge, the thrill, the tough decision making and the learning while doing it. That makes me tick.

But so far my poker bankroll is steadily growing ever since I decided to play poker for real money, online and in brick and mortar, and as long as I am having fun doing it and can cover my costs doing so I will do it on the highest levels possible!

Here’s some great wisdom from Mike Caro regarding tells and how to spot them. I hope this helps you. It’s certainly great advice.


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