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WSOPC: World Series of Poker Canada Main Event – Day 2

November 7, 2012

I busted in 58th place in the WSOPC main event. Day 2 was not my day. I was struggling the whole day and just fighting for survival. I could never get past my starting stack. And when I finally raised, and a short stack shipped it on me, every time I had him in bad shape but instead of me getting his stack, he hit a 3 outer and I lost half of mine. In one case, I had top pair and top kicker on the flop. He shipped it and hit his king on the turn. In the other case, I had another guy dominated with my A-Q vs. his A-10, but a 10 on the flop made my big chick go down in flames and my stack shriveled even further!

That threw me back to half my original starting stack each time so I found myself fighting back for what I had before. I made a comeback twice but needless to say in the meantime the blind and ante levels were rising constantly so those chips were less in value than in the beginning and I was notoriously short stacked.

I survived to level 22 when I finally shipped it myself with A-K but to my surprise I got 2 callers with bigger stacks behind me. One tabled a K-K. The other over-shipped with A-A so both my cards were dead (I was only drawing at this point to an unlikely broadway straight).

But still I can’t really complain because I made the right move since I was first in the pot and had them make a decision for almost all of their chips and if they did not hold one of those 2 combinations against which I am absolutely dead (that would only be an A-A or K-K) I might have gotten folds even from someone with a Q-Q, and if not, I would still be in a coin flip situation.

It was a hell of a tourney! I made good money (the bubble burst at rank 108) so I had a free roll for all buy-ins for the WSOPC at River Rock and WCPT the week before at Edgewater Casino (both in Vancouver), all travel costs, all hotel costs (Marina Suite at the River Rock) and food costs were all payed for with the winnings AND I still have some money left over! Not bad at all really!

You can see the list of the payouts on the Poker News by CLICKING HERE. I am ranked at number 58!

What a 12-day journey and poker experience that was! It was priceless!


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