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WSOPC: World Series of Poker Canada Main Event – Day 1

November 3, 2012

The World Series of Poker Canada (WSOPC) arrived in Vancouver’s River Rock Casino & Resort and I decided to join the excitement too. The tourney has 3 starting days. Those that make it through that will go on to play in the day 2 events and players surviving day 2 events go on to day 3 events. If you’d like to read the poker press release about the event you can read it by clicking HERE!,

Day 1 ended with me finishing the day with a top 10 stack of 185,700k. (You can see the stats here…they misspelled my name  though…oh well). That puts me in sixth place and should give me a couple of sorrow-free orbits when I continue playing with day 2 events on Monday which will help me to wait for the right time to attack.

I made some pretty good hands in the last level of day 1. I had quad jacks and the nut flush a few hands after that. I was able to extract 2 street of values there from both of these monsters. My river bets were not called, that would have been too sweet, and the guys believed me that I had the nuts when I was betting out there on an extremely wet board, but still the pre-flop raises, the flop and turn bet swept me back to the top.

WSOPC Begins – River Rock Casino & Resort

There was not one weak spot at my table either and my raises all came back as re-raises to me. I had a tough Vegas pro named Lee on my right that plays $25-50 (10k min buy in, 100k regular) cash for a living. He took 2 main WPT events in Reno and Foxwood’s Down. I had Hwang on my right that raised any time I put in chips and the other 7 guys were all doing it for a living as well. The only weak spot at the table was me 🙂 .

More weak players are expected to come over the weekend to start day 1B and 1C so that field will be bigger but softer. If you would like to read the wrap of of day 1 from Poker News you can read it by clicking HERE!

The Imperial Water Dragon in front of the River Rock Casino, Vancouver BC

One pretty cool thing to see at the River Rock Casino & Resort at the moment is the Imperial Water Dragon right outside. It is an 8,000 pound dragon made out of surgical grade stainless steel that was created by artist Kevin Stone for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The River Rock Casino has rented it for the year until the artist finds a buyer for the sculpture so if you’re in the area be sure to come look at it. I had the opportunity to meet the artist personally and he’s a really cool guy too. Here’s a little video for you to check it out.

Click HERE to watch the unveiling of the sculpture at River Rock as well as read more about it.  Now I am going to ice pack my brain and rest until Monday when Day 2 of the WSOP begins.

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