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Back To Back Victory

October 24, 2012

What a roller coaster my recent tourney in Baden was! I was for most of the time the shortest stack. I lost almost all my chips when I ran my straight into a higher straight. Then I came back to an average stack after being down to 1 BB when I got dealt the rockets, hit trip aces on the flop and still lost to his runner straight so it was back to a micro stack.

Next when I shipped it with A-10 I ran into A-J but a 10 on the turn saved my ass! So I was brutally dominated there but got lucky. I was still short since that only meant that I doubled my 1 BB or whatever I had at that point as the smallest chip stack in the tourney but that was the start of something good and allowed me to stay alive, fight back and take it down!

I was never in the lead in this tourney. All the time I was fighting for survival and I had to take lots of high variance spots and make some crazy moves which I would have never done with an average or healthy chip stack. It all paid out at the end however but even when I entered HU play I was still a 4:1 dog.

So basically until the last hand I was never the chip leader and then it meant that I took it down when we were even in chips and I had a 100 denomination chip more than my counterpart who was a seasoned elderly gentleman from Basel. I was on the button/SB and raised 20,000 (blinds were 4,000/8,000) with 3-3 in my hand. Mr. Gentleman re-raised me to 50,000 and I called with roughly 300,000 behind. I felt that I was deep enough to get away from the hand and I didn’t risk all my stack by shoving over his 3-bet which I felt he would snap-call with his big ace, which is what I thought he might have. So I decided to see a flop and reassess.

The flop came very favorible for me, K-Q-3, and the really exciting part was that it smacked his range right in the face and if he had a big ace he now had either top-top or a very good pair with top kicker so there was no way he could get away from it. Sure enough by the turn both  of our money was in (the turn was a low card) and he was drawing very slim with his A-Q and only 1 card to come.

It turned out that I had only the smallest possible 100 denomination chip more than him (how weird is that when both our stacks were in the hundreds of thousands before the hand?) and that meant that I won the tournament right there, being for the first time in the entire tourney the chip leader by 100 in the second to last hand…Sometimes things simply take their own inexplicable ways. That’s the beauty of this game!


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