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Alps Poker Tour 2012 – Part 1

October 10, 2012

I just finished playing in the first of four events, the regular Wednesday double-chance high buy-in tourney, at the Alps Poker Tour and I am please to say that I took it down! So the rest of the entire five days I played free roll while the hotel and the main event were all payed for! It is simply amazing! I still find it tough to believe how I can make money this way but after my great week in London recently it all continues…

I had the reigning Swiss champion, Hans Pfister, at my table from the very beginning. He is also currently ranked #1 in the Alps Poker Tour. I also had Fabian Pangratz, our Swiss export to Vegas, at my table. He played in the televised tournaments and cash games there the last two years with Daniel Negreanu and others of a similar caliber.

In the end I took Hans out in 5th and Fabian out in 3rd. I then went HU and won the entire thing after I dominated the final table. I took 7 of the 9 other players out myself.

I won that tournament with 8 high! Yes, 8 high! No pair! No nothing! But since my counterpart loved to play all sorts of suited and connected cards, and after my initial raise with 8-5 offsuit that was designed purely to get his big blind and not play this hand whatsoever, he called and we saw a flop of A-3-2.

Now I did not put him on an ace because with an ace heads up he would have surely raised pre-flop and not just called my raise (and with any better holding than an ace high like a pair, no matter how small, he would have raised as well) so I was pretty comfortable with following through with a continuation bet. That should take the pot down right there! He called again! This made me worry a little since the pot grew to a  slightly uncomfortable size and I was holding nothing but squadush…

The turn was a king and even though that looked a little scary it was the perfect card for me to bluff at since even with a king he might have 3-bet me pre-flop. So I fired another wager committing myself to this hand…

Alps Poker Tour 2012, Taking it down!

He called again but this time I was pretty confident he did not have an ace nor a king in his hand nor did he have a pair since with all these holdings he would not just call my post-flop bets. He would want to terminate it right there if he had something that he thought could beat me and he would not go all the way to showdown with little or no showdown value.

So I put him on a drawing hand like a lower suited connector. There was no flush present, maybe backdoor only, so I knew if I fired again I might take it down without a showdown.

The river was another deuce, pairing the board but the main part was that all draws bricked, so I moved all in with my 8 high. He had very little chips left so he called and turned over 6-4 for a busted straight and he was whamboozled!

I was confident that my 8 high was good if the straight didn’t materialize and this is why I moved in on the river once the straight draw bricked. His highest card could only be a 7 and it only made sense for him to pay all my bets if the board presented him a draw. So I was not worried that he would show up with a jack or a ten or something similar since those cards had no straight draw present and there was no front door flush draw.

That was a wired hand. It’s amazing how he was chasing a gut-shot straight (he needed a 5 to peel off)  which kept him in the hand until it was too late to escape. In general, I won all key pots in this tourney with very inferior holdings…sometimes with 3rd or even 4th pair when I picked up their bluffs.

It is all about relative not absolute strength and that one went well for me here in Baden and it gave me a free roll for the entire 5 days including all associated costs and tournament entries! Not too bad at all and definitely a great time!

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