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Regional Adventures: Aargau (Canton), Switzerland

October 6, 2012

Next up in my regional adventures comes the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland. This is where I lived for four years in the 1990’s and now I frequently visit here to play poker in Baden. The capital of this canton is Aarau and is surround by Germany to the North; the cantons Basel-Landschaft, Solothurn and Bern to the West; the Canton of Lucerne to the South; and Zurich and Zug to the East. The Canton of Aargau is one of the least mountainous in Switzerland.

Aargau is divided into 11 districts and includes the famous sulfur springs of Baden and  Schinznach-Bad and the saline springs of  Rheinfelden. This is where people have always come to soak in the healing powers of the springs while relaxing. There is also no other region in Europe that is as small as Aargau were people can see so many fortresses and castles. Among them are Hallwyl castle, the abbey church of Königsfelden and Lenzburg castle as well as a witch’s tower!

Schloss Lenzburg, Aargau Canton, Switzerland

If you’re into museums you’ve come to the right place. Aargau has over 70 museums that cover a wide variety of subject matter so there’s bound to be something for everyone to see. Among the museums are the Dinosaur Museum in Frick, the Children’s Museum in Baden, the Art Gallery of Canton Aargau, and the Culture Portal of Aargau just to name a few.

Waves of water depicted in the Coat of Arms for Canton of Aargau, CH

Water is depicted in Aargau’s coat of arms and for good reason too. Three powerful rivers – the Rhine, the Aare, and the Reuss, trace the borders of the canton as well as the fact that there are so many thermal baths here too as mentioned above.

In other interesting facts the canton of Aargau is considered the carrot capital of Switzerland and every year people far and wide come to this canton to shop The Rüeblimärt (carrot market). It is also considered to be one of the most fertile areas in Switzerland.

Carrots take the spotlight every year in the The Rüeblimärt (carrot market) in Aargau canton!

Aargau is referred to as the ‘energy canton’ because it houses three of five of Switzerland’s nuclear power plants as well as the many rivers provide enough water for the many hydro-electric power plants that are also located here.

Here is a great little video to show you all around Aargau. I hope you enjoy it!

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