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London Poker Festival 2012

October 3, 2012

Recently I played some events in the London Poker Festival. This festival does not run all in one place. It’s spread all over London card rooms and spreads tournaments for all needs and pockets with tons of cash games being offered as low as 1/1 and up to 5/10 (and there is the regular £10/25 always going on at the Palm Beach Casino whether there is a poker festival going on or not).

I was playing in the Vic Monthly Special, a 300+30 deep stack event and lost only in the heads up battle at the very end. It was funny because the gentleman that I played HU with was sitting, from the first hand that was dealt in the tourney to the last hand, on my left so we were like ‘siamese-twins’. Our table never broke and it became the final table location-wise so we gathered lots of history of each other throughout the 10 hours that the tourney lasted.

I got coolered in a standard spot (as the internet poker wiz kids would call it) when I ran my trip jacks into trip jacks with a better kicker and lost almost all my chips. I fought back, made the final table and went heads up but the guy got dealt pocket aces twice in a row in HU (I don’t even want to know the probability of that happening…)! Truly unbelievable! I was leading before then.

This first hand against his pocket aces I could avoid and I only lost the minimum but the second one right after that I couldn’t. I made a full house on the turn and he had a higher full…then he had a 10:1 chip lead. I fought back again and reduced my chip disadvantage to 6:1 but then lost it. I had to go all-in or nothing all the time when I decided to play the hand with this short or ‘micro’ stack. The blinds were dreadfully high so there was not much to think about, just ship-it and pray…so clearly I had to lose at one point when he got something decent. Still I got over 10:1 on my money and it was lots of fun!

10:1 on my money is nothing to snark about!

Next up at the WSOPE London Poker Festival was another deep run where I added a good chunk of grocery money into my pocket and it was so much fun too. I was supposed to be playing a high buy in tourney in the evening too at my favorite place called the Palm Beach Casino and was really looking forward to it but unfortunately it was cancelled.

So instead I played in my biggest cash game ever, £5/10 with a £20 mandatory straddle, and the fantastic thing is not just that I survived for 5.5 hours but also that I quadrupled my money, and in my point of view I was card dead most of that time. What a great London Poker Festival this was for me!

I had a great time playing in two tourneys and one cash game, made good money in all of them and had a great time as well. What more could anyone ask for a poker festival. I am sure I’ll be doing this again soon.

A nice stack and a great time was had by all!


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