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Tourney In Baden

September 19, 2012

While in Baden I was playing my ‘traditional’ high limit tourney and came in 2nd. I lost the heads up match but came in with a 1:10 huge chip disadvantage since when we were 3 handed. That’s when the two big stacks got it in with each other so the winner had a huge chip lead. However that was the perfect outcome for me, and perfectly ICM conform, to wait until the two big guys tangle with each other.

And since the price payout structure is very steep, at the end it brought me 1.5k more profits for 2nd despite the fact that if they would have played it smart I would be 3rd due to my chip disadvantage and the huge blinds that come around 2 of 3 times at this stage, so I would have been blinded to death or would have to have stuck it in with basically any 2 cards within the next 5 hands or so.

So I really had no chance of winning. I tried hard but a 1:10 chip disadvantage needs miracles in heads up to mount a comeback especially if the other guy knows a little about Nash and what he did and open shoves any 2 cards against me. So I would have to call or be blinded to death when I fold since in heads up one is the big blind and the other is the small blind in each hand so you always have to pay to play. And as a short stack you simply can’t afford to fold at this stage.

So I got it in with 5-3 and was against K-10. I spiked a 5 on the flop to get me the lead even with this desperate hand but the king fell on the river to seal my fate. But all in all it was a great tourney that I played and I was the chip leader from early on. It was only when 5 handed at the final table that I lost my chip lead when I ran my A-K into A-A which lost me half of my stack. But the 4k payout for a 500 buck buy-in is a really good ROI!


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