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City Hopper: Baden, Switzerland

September 15, 2012

Old City View of Baden, Switzerland

Baden is in the Swiss canton of Aargau on the west bank of the river Limatt 25 km (16 miles) northwest of Zurich. The name Baden refers to the mineral hot springs there which were known at least as far back as the Roman era. During the 15th and 16th century Baden attained popularity as a spa and cure resort and was frequented by many prominent people such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Hermann Hesse. The springs here are considered to be the most mineral rich in Europe so you should check them out when you visit here.

Baden Spa, Switzerland – one of the many!

Other things to see in Baden are the ruins of the Castle Stein, the Villa Langmatt which is now an art museum that has impressionist art and the old wooden bridge over the river Limmatt. One mile south of Baden is the famous Cistercian monastery of Wettingen which was founded in 1227. Of interesting note is that Baden was the destination of the first railway in Switzerland which transported the rich of Zurich to the baths of Baden.

Baden’s Old City with beautiful Swiss Buildings

Baden also has a lively shopping center and a beautiful old town with traditional Swiss buildings. “Also the main street is bustling with shoppers during the day. There are lots of clothes shops, and various chain stores including ‘Manor’ (huge department store) and ‘Merkur’ (get your swiss chocolate here). Look out for the Badener Stein, locally made chocolate sweets with a high alcohol content. They are delicious. There’s a market on Saturday morning near the Stadtturm, the old town clock tower.” (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Grand Casino Baden

And for those of you that like a little action and some fun don’t forget to visit the Grand Casino Baden. If you’re a poker player you can test your shark skills in a game or two. But no worries if that’s not your thing because you can still try your luck at some other game whether it’s roulette, black jack or slot machines you’ll have great fun!


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