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Campione Cash Game

September 5, 2012

When I was down in Campione d’Italia to play the Pagano Italian Open (IPO) I unfortunately busted in the main event (that was the Burning Kings story from a couple of weeks ago.  Click here to read it!) I also busted in the next day’s side event, although I did make it quite deep there and played until midnight which was just long enough to bust a few players before the bubble. After that I decided not to call it a day and instead sat down in a 2/5 cash game shark tank.

I played until 4 a.m. when they closed the card room in the casino (it has an entire floor for itself) and I was able to triple my money. The astonishing factor was  that I was the table captain from the first hand that was dealt to me all the way until the dealer announced last 3 hands and then they closed the place! Otherwise I might still be sitting there! 🙂

There are no tourists in this game especially not in Campione (well…maybe except for me). All the grinders from Ticino (which is the Italian part of Switzerland) and Northern Italy are trying to make a living playing cash in Campione. Campione is the biggest casino in the whole of Europe and they offer a 1/2, 2/5, and a 5/10 Swiss Franc game. While I think 5/10 is too high for me, I find the 1/2 to be too low. So my perfect spot and comfort zone lies in the 2/5 game. The cap there is 1000 Swissies so one can play 200 BB deep and they always have at least 10 tables going amongst all those limits.

While I do think that the cash game is still my weakest game, I realized post-flop play-ability of the hand is more important than absolute hand strength pre-flop like in tournaments and I am trying to adjust for that and adapt my game. I guess I am doing something right there since anytime I’ve played in a cash game so far I came out even or made money and I’ve never had to bring more than 1 max buy-in to the table. I am aware that this is still too small of a sample to draw any conclusions on since I am usually playing cash only when I bust in a tourney and my overall condition still allows me to play that night but I am convinced that at least I can survive in the 2/5 games. So I will look for more action there in the foreseeable future.

Casino di Campione – what a contrast having this modern monster building in this small, old town on the lake!


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