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Full House vs. Full House – The Sequel

August 8, 2012

The other night I was playing at the Union Club in downtown Victoria. This time I got the worst of it! I ran my boat into a better, bigger boat, actually it was the best full house that is possible! What a beautiful hand (for my opponent that is)! The lady I played this hand against is a seasoned poker player and she got dealt big slick (A-K).

I opened the betting with my pocket 6’s. She called and another gentleman from the big blind called the bet. We went 3-handed to see a flop. The flop came A-K-8 rainbow. I checked, she bet and the big blind folded. It was back to me and I did call that bet with bottom pair (which is questionable, I know).

The turn was another ace giving her the best of all full houses because she now had aces full of kings! And now she had me dead with no outs! I checked again and she checked behind to let me catch up, since she had THE NUTS! I was done with the hand right there had she bet but why not take a free card and see if I can improve at the river (of course, little did I know…)? And BINGO! The river was another 6, filling me up because now I had sixes full of aces!

I had her covered and shoved in my remaining stack to find out that she had me beat since the turn card! It’s so rare to make a full house and even rarer to lose with one! Well, it was a great hand and there was nothing I could do. The river gave me false hope and came as a fata morgana. A wise man once said: ‘You lose more with your good hands’ and it’s completely true!

What a beautiful hand!


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