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Aces Don’t Hold Up Twice At Hamburg Masters

June 27, 2012

I recently played a big tourney at the Hamburg Masters. It was a three day event that went to 3 a.m. on the first two days so it was definitely an event for night owls. In this tourney I made it deep and finished with a respectable 11th place finish but it was a roller coaster ride for me.

Action shot…and the back of my head!

I lost my chips early on with pocket aces against pocket kings when the guy accidentally backed into a club flush with one of his kings and cracked my aces. I lost 75% of my starting stack in that hand in level 1.

I fought back, after 2 more setbacks that drove right down to half my chips after I managed to get back to my starting stack, but then things kind of calmed down for me and I could slowly but surely chip up. At the end of day 1 I was a little below average and not in a desperate position to go into day 2.

Day 2 brought no major surprises nor disappointments and after another marathon poker day I made it into the money and play was done for the day when the bubble burst. I was a little above chip average and actually in rank 6 entering the final day.

In day 3, I didn’t make it to the final table since I got aces again and again they were cracked by a flush.

Twice my aces went down in flames!!

So in summation, on day 3 I lost half my stack with 2 pair against a 2 pair that was dominated by mine but the river paired the board and gave the guy a boat. Then a few hands later I shipped it with aces (and I was really looking for a call since with aces you really can’t do anything else). I got the call from K-J of spades and the flop brought 2 spades, the 3rd spade came right on the turn and I was cracked by a flush! Well aces are ONLY an 80% hand!

So all in all I am very happy. I made it deep and was very short early on. I came in 11th and almost tripled the buy in AND I got a pic with the tournament director along with a glass of champagne! So all is good! Also, the food and drinks were all free for all three days and it was a gault millau cuisine which is very, very high end. We had lobster, filet, fish, truffles and similar delicacies every day so who can complain about any of that!

Me enjoying some champagne with the Hamburg Masters tournament director


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