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Aggression At The Vic

May 9, 2012

After landing in London I headed to the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, know simply as ‘The Vic’, to play a tournament and I have to say it was so much fun especially the end game!

Coming in to the final table I was 2nd in chips and so had enough ammunition to play perfect ICM. Then once I was HU I was raising every button and pushing perfectly according to Nash and as a result I won every single hand in HU. The Russian lady I was up against was a solid poker player but I outplayed her completely. She was not aware of nor use to such end game dynamics and aggression.

We entered HU with about the same amount of chips and she was asking to make a deal even when we were 4 handed and everyone at the table would have agreed to split the money but not me. What this already showed me was that when it comes to the endgame I will outplay them all even if I have the chip disadvantage.

It took me 10 hands or so to get all her chips and she was relieved when it was over. People are not use to this much aggression in brick and mortar poker and it makes them feel really uncomfortable because they are no where close to their comfort zone at least on that level of tourneys.

Pay out slip!

All and all it was a really fun and enjoyable game! If you’d like to check out The Vic click here.


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