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City Hopper: London, England

April 15, 2012

St. Stephen’s Tower otherwise known as ‘Big Ben’

My next stop is a city that most people know which is London, England. It is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and is the among the most populated city in Europe. It is located on the River Thames and was founded by the Romans who called it Londinium.

The Flag of England

London has the third most international visitors in the world and Heathrow Airport is the world’s busiest airport by the number of international passengers.  This year, 2012, London will be the first city to host the modern Summer Olympic Games three times!

The Union Jack

When you arrive in London you will see many recognizable landmarks even if you have never been there before. There’s Big Ben (who’s official name is St. Stephen’s Tower); the Tower Bridge (still painted Queen Victoria’s favorite color of blue…she was a very beloved Queen); Trafalgar Square (with all it’s pigeons, massive fountains, and things like Nelson’s column);

Trafalgar Square, London

And the newly added Millennium Wheel which is also known as the London Eye (where you can take a ride to the top and see all of London).

The Millennium Wheel, A.K.A. The London Eye!

If you’re looking for something good to eat you can certainly find it here. You can find everything from upscale international fare to local pub food (which by the way is where you can find some of the best food many times).

The Brewmaster Pub, London

Documenting my meal at Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver and Perry Lang’s new steakhouse in London! Yum!

We stopped by Jamie Oliver & Perry Lang’s new steakhouse when we were visiting London and had a fantastic meal which you can see in the above picture.

It’s also really well located in the path of St. Paul’s Cathedral which is always worth a visit. You can even sit at your table at Barbecoa and stare at the cathedral well you eat. A few facts about the cathedral are that it’s a Church of England cathedral and it’s the seat of the Bishop of London. It has been dedicated to Paul the apostle dating back to the original church on this site, founded in AD 604.  It also sits on top of Ludgate Hill which is the highest point in the City of London. So think about that when you’re having your steak at Barbecoa!

View of St. Paul’s Cathedral from Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa restaurant, London

There’s plenty of nightclubs, shows, and plays to see as well if you’re looking for some entertainment or you can just take a nice stroll along the Thames and enjoy the atmosphere.

Walk along the River Thames

If you’re looking for a really diverse place to hang out and eat, shop, and be entertained all in one spot I highly recommend Covent Garden (Click here to check it out!) You can see plays there, be entertained by flame or knife throwing jugglers, or be serenaded by string quartets all in one day as you stroll around.

String Ensemble in Covent Garden, London

And while you’re in London don’t forget to try some real authentic fish and chips and have a cut of English tea. It’s all part of the experience.

The Tea House, one of the great places in Covent Garden

As for good music that comes from London there are too many to mention but how about an outstanding piece from a great guitarist and studio musician and true Londoner (born in the original 1 square mile that is London City) Laurence Juber. He was a member of Paul McCartney and Wings in the 80’s and now writes music for a lot of movies and T.V. shows that you’ve probably watched but had no idea who he was. This piece is an original of his called ‘Cobalt Blue’. I hope you enjoy it!


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