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Another River Rock Weekend in Vancouver, BC

January 18, 2012

This past weekend I headed back to the River Rock Casino in Vancouver, BC for another round of tourneys. Unfortunately, my tournament life was short lived this time because I busted out in all of them.

In the first tourney I made the wrong move against the wrong guy on the wrong board. Only a donk could have played it this way and I learned my lesson well though. The fact is that I knew better than to do this but sometimes you have to learn something twice in order for it to really sink in. I had nightmares in my sleep about this hand and how badly I played it. The fact is I deserved to bust and double up my opponent who is a seasoned regular and a really tough player. He is definitely a worthy opponent and you best be sure you have the goods when you show up with a hand on the river against him. You also must know to never  to try anything fancy or stupid with him because it will NEVER work!

In my next tourney that weekend I busted out with pocket tens (T-T) against a big slick (A-K). I was slightly favored before the flop so it was a good all in move on my part but sure enough the flop brought a nice ace and the turn brought a king for an overkill and again I went bust! I do want to know why when it’s me with the big slick that I never hit an ace or king when I am against a pocket pair? I am sure it’s probably just my subjective feeling at the moment. I am sure I am hitting my cards too but it really appears to me that my Anna Kurnikova hand really only looks good but never wins. Because of this I have been playing these hands slowly lately so that I am able to get away from it if it does not hit. However in this case I did have the pocket pair and I had my money in there as a slight favor.

So after busting out of the tourneys I was forced to play the cash game instead and joined the lowest no-limit game ($1/$2). Cash games are my weak game, however I tripled my money in a long grinding session on the first day and quadrupled my money on the second day.

In the cash games you are more often confronted with rough and sticky situations on the board and you often are in multi-way pots which are not my favorites nor my strength – however, I am getting better at these as my results are starting to show and thus I am starting to like these games too.

I hope I will do better next time and win some money in the cash games and the tourneys. That would be an awesome dream of mine to be able to crush all of those games. Stay tuned and let’s see how I do next time!


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